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French Coffee Roaster since 1880. Since then, our passion has been to excite and inspire you to enjoy the finest quality of coffee.

We are true craft-roaster, roasting our coffee in small batches. We use traditional French blending & roasting techniques to create rich, intense tastes. All our coffees are carefully selected and ethically sourced from Vietnam.

We created a range of twelve recipes of roasted coffee skillfully blended by our roasting crew in Can Tho and offering a great variety of aromas. Every coffee recipe is a fruit of a complex process of selection, blend and roasting. What is new ? We have launched our own flavourful Espresso coffee capsules.

For our flavoured coffee, we travelled to remote places in Vietnam to hand natural spices to our pre-ground, medium roast Arabica to achieve a unique taste experience.

Les Vergers Du Mékong offers a wide range of related services to guarantee the best espresso. These include coffee machines designed to create a consistently perfect cup of coffee and customized services (repair and general maintenance of coffee machines).