Our Commitment -


Driven by the science of nutrition, your health is our main concern

Our aim is to bring health through food, ensuring that all products, (fruits, honey, tea or coffee), are 100% natural and have a positive health benefit.

The quest for natural food and beverage has burgeoned to move towards healthier nutrition. Many products claim to be "natural", while few are truly. Les Vergers Du Mekong commits to offer exclusively natural products that are:
* From fresh fruits only: we never use fruit concentrate
* Free of chemicals & additives: no conservative, no colorant, no artificial flavour added
* Rich in natural nutrients and vitamins: all natural vitamins and nutrients of the fresh fruit kept intact. We never add artificial vitamins or nutrients.
* Rich in fruit content: All our juices and jams contain a higher fruit content

Moreover, we benefit from our own in-house research team mixing both the Vietnamese heritage and modern nutritional sciences. This is the base of our innovative process: using ancient wisdom to tackle current problems.

We just keep our products pure, natural and healthy.