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Jam & Honey

A selection of low-calorie artisan-created jams and marmalades.

Les Vergers Du Mékong chooses to create jams and marmalades only from fresh fruits ethically sourced from local growers in Vietnam. We select and pick the best fruit varieties in close cooperation with the farmers.

Le Fruit jams are made in small batches like our founder of grandmother used to do in the French Alps. We have always believed that cooking jams in open copper cauldrons produces better flavour and texture. We do not use bulking agents or artificial thickeners to our jams, preferring to rely on the pectin naturally present in the fresh fruits.

Pure blossom honey

We offer a unique and superior blossom honey from pesticide-free coffee flowers grown in the Vietnamese Highlands. Le Fruit Honey is the natural taste of honey, with a smooth consistency and delicious flavours. Our honey is GMO free. The bees are never fed sugar nor treated with antibiotics.