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Single Strength

A selection of First quality Tropical & Exotic fruits from VIETNAM Crushed or squeezed, Pasteurized & Deep frozen.

Les Vergers Du Mékong produces 100% natural and GMO free fruit purees from fresh fruits, especially designed the food industry. We focus on superfruits and exotic fruits, such as PINEAPPLE, PASSION FRUIT, NONI, ACEROLA, DRAGON FRUIT, MANGOSTEEN, SOURSOP and STARFRUIT.

We select the finest, juiciest and sweetest exotic fruits from Vietnam. We work on the complete fruit traceability to control the quality of the farm, the crop and the fruit. By working on the fruit traceability, we promote sustainable farming. We use both traditional and scientific knowledge to enhance the health of the agro-system in Vietnam. We encourage fruit growers to use natural local resources, such as our organic fertilizer (produced from the production waste of our factory in Can Tho).